On Top of Table Mountain book cover
This highly entertaining book tells the story of Table Mountain as experienced by quite extraordinary visitors who made it to the top.


Ever since 1503 when an off-course seafarer climbed Table Mountain to find out where on Earth he was, visitors to the Cape have toiled, scrambled, ridden on horseback, climbed or run to the top ... and written about it afterwards. Taken together these reports provide a fascinating biography of the mountain. Looked at separately, they are thrilling reads, penned by larger-than-life voyagers and, often unlikely, adventurers. The life-stories of 27 visitors are told with flair and humour. Together with the accounts of the ascents, they provide a riveting read. This is the first time that the English translations of these reports, written in various languages, including Russian and Swedish, have been collected in one volume.

A truly original book with adventurous stories of how Table Mountain has had an impact on the lives of fascinating characters. Compelling storytelling, anecdotal yet historically accurate, easy to read, and unputdownable.

author of South Africa's Wildest Places

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